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COvid-19 Update (August 12, 2020):

We HAVE MOVED forward with the reopening of the swim program.  we are currently only allowing a set number of current/existing members to swim as we test out a new, more structured approach to address the health and safety considerations of the covid pandemic.

At this time we are not opening up the program to new/drop in swimmers.  This would be a part of a possible PHase II as things progress. For now the reopening is strictly open to current/existing members who agree to/comply with the conditions outlined. 

So far the program seems to be working and we will be reviewing the next phase in the weeks ahead  to fill in the few openings we may have available. Note: these openings will be made available to current/existing members first, then new members.

We are excited To have a solution to reopen the program, and we appreciate your patience and understanding as we progress.


The SFGG Board:  Marta, Tanja, Elizabeth, Beth and Matt