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Membership Information

We offer a one (1) time trial with the TEAM:  if you haven't swum with us before, feel free to email us at sfggmasters@gmail.com to schedule a trial swim.  You'll be asked to complete a small swimmer information packet, PAY $10, and you can swim with us two (2) times to see if it's a good fit FOR YOU AND THE TEAM.


1.) Register as a swimmer with US Masters Swimming at www.usms.org.  (Use LMSC as the regional club, and SFGG as your club/team).  Total cost is approx $60 per calendar year.

2.) Email us to set up a trial swim appointment. Then Come to the pool  and complete a small swimmer information packet and Pay the $10 fee (cash please).  This information is kept private - never shared with anyone.  We just like to know who's swimming with us, who to contact in case of emergency, etc. :-)

3.) Membership fees:  Membership is $55 per calendar month that you swim ($45 for GGHA Residents).  If you decide to take a month or two off - no fee!  Ideal for those fair-weather swimmers or those training for events like triathlons, open waters swims, etc.  Checks for fees can be dropped off at the pool.

4.) Get swimming!!  Please be sure to arrive a few minutes early to help set-up, and stay a few minutes late to tear down as needed - we are, after all, a team!